Mila in the baby seat
Dad: let go in the cart mila

mila: think you daddy

mom: hey a singing snail

mila: or a singing fish snail

snail: will you keep it down ((under the water))

dad: wow space puppy's, Kong, space kittys

max: hi mila look what it got

Mila: think you what is it

max: it's a goldfish plush toy from the claw machine I try and try and win

mila: who watching teletubbies

lily: hello

max: lily you mouth into a iPhone

mila: morth into a snail

max: lily morth into a rabbit

ollma: hello look a hungry hungry hippos

mila: morphle morth into a game of hungry hungry hippos

morphle: no well ok

max: keep going

morphle and lily: yummy